Utilizing the latest testing technology, we facilitate pre-employment assessments for a variety of industries – including law enforcement and other public safety positions.


The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory® (MMPI) is one of the most widely researched and used psychological assessment instruments. When making critical hiring decisions , the MMPI-2-RF® helps measure a candidate's emotional suitability, cognitive ability, and possible behavioral issues.


The Millon Index of Personality Styles® (MIPS) is a useful personality assessment instrument. When making hiring decisions for administrative roles, the MIPS® helps assess three key dimensions: motivating styles, thinking styles, and behaving styles.

Career Assessment Inventories

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey™ (CISS), the Career Assessment Inventory™ (CAI), and the Career Decision-Making® System-Revised (CDM®-R) are each useful vocational assessment options. Helpful in career planning and development of current staff, these types of instruments help assess interests in specific occupational areas.